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    Speargun Safety Tips You Need To Know

    December 24, 2020 2 min read

    Speargun Safety Tips You Need To Know

    Spearfishing, no matter how fun it is, can still be a dangerous sport. When there’s a speargun in play, there can be no compromise on safety. You have to keep in mind that a speargun is a weapon, and a weapon has the potential to do serious harm. As they always say, treat your speargun like a loaded gun. This is crucial to know - especially if you’re a beginner spearo. The following will help you safely navigate the pursuit of underwater hunting.

    Know the safety features of your speargun

    There is usually a safety built into the gun - but you cannot just depend on that alone. Ultimately you have to assess whether the rubbers are unloaded and if the spear has a cork on the end of it. If the rubber is still loaded and the gun doesn’t have the cork on the tip on it to protect yourself and others from the end of the spear, it's not safe. If you can recognise that, then you can actually make good decisions. The tip of the spear is very sharp. If you were to even trip and fall forwards, that spear has the chance of penetrating someone.

    Practice using your speargun safely

    If you want to practice using your speargun, always take the spear out. You might think nothing could go wrong once you take out the spear, but you should still be cautious. 

    It’s a good thing to practice pulling the rubber until you get used to it. For beginner spearos who haven't tried pulling the rubber of a speargun before, you haven't got the muscle structure and your arms won’t be used to the motion - so practising with an unloaded gun beforehand can help you once you get out there. 

    Stay safe in the water

    Whenever you’re not using the speargun, always undo the rubbers and cork the end—even if the plastic and safety is on. You need to keep yourself very aware of what you're doing and where the gun's pointed. Remember that any time in the water, when the rubbers are loaded, the gun is dangerous. You don't want to point the speargun at anything that you don't want to kill. If the speargun rubbers are loaded, then consider anywhere it's pointing to be a dangerous area to be.

    If you're diving with a spearfishing buddy and they’re below the water. You should always be aware of where they are as they may swim in front of your line of fire, or hit the tip of yoru spear as they resurface. It's your responsibility to be aware of where your fellow spearos are and move your gun away from them. Again, a speargun is a weapon that could kill someone, if not used properly.

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