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    Spearfishing Tips For Women

    July 08, 2021 3 min read

    woman spearfisher

     In this blog, Jess from Sailing Popao, who has been spearfishing for about 15 years, shares a few tips and tricks to make your spearfishing journey a little more enjoyable and comfortable.

    How To Load A Spear Gun

    On shorter speed guns, you're probably going to find it's not too hard to load it. Once you start stepping up to bigger 120's, 130's spearguns and even the blue water guns, you're going to have a lot of trouble trying to load them with a stock standard off the shelf cell. Whilst there are women who are more capable of loading these types of spearguns, generally, these guns are designed for men, so they are a little bit stronger and a little bit harder to load.

    What you can do is if you have a 130 Euro setup, you can try to switch from two 16mm rubbers (which is a standard set-up) to three 14mm rubbers. This setup helps spread the load out over three instead of the two rubbers and individually - it’s so much easier to load the rubbers.

    On a shorter gun, you probably won't need the rest tab. However, on the bigger guns like a 130, you can opt for a rest tab, which lets you load your rubbers in two stages. The tab breaks up the movement. So you can load the rubber to the first tab on your hip, and then bring the gun butt to your chest and load the last few inches there.

    Another option is to have a loading tab attached to the stock of your gun. This way, you don't need to get custom spears every time you have to replace one. The only downside to this is it can be a little more awkward to load the rubbers. Also, it's just one more thing to get snagged on your wetsuit, in the gun bag, or even worse, on your float line! 

    Weight Belts And Vests

    With different body shapes, it can be helpful to try a number of setups to suit yourself. In cold water, where you need more weight to counter a thick wetsuit, aweight vest can be really helpful in addition to your mainweight belt.

    This can also help alleviate back pain if you find that you have some strain after a big day diving with a heavyweight belt. There's a number of rubber belts on the market that do a pretty good job at holding your weight belt in place that is much better than the traditional fabric belts.

    Choosing The Right Fins

    A good set of fins are going to make or break your diving and recovery time. As a lot of this gear was made for bigger, stronger men, you can opt for smaller and softer versions of carbon fins.Adreno Spearfishing has a range ofdiving fins to match your needs.

    Hair Tips

    At some stage, you’re going to have an issue with your hair.  Hair tangles can be an absolute nightmare for anyone. To avoid this, doing a low ponytail helps keep your hair in place. It doesn't put pressure under the hood of your wetsuit and doesn't get in the way of your GoPro strap.

    You can put multiple hair elastics down the length of your hair (as seen in the video). This stops your hair from turning into one gigantic knot.

    When it comes to hair care, it’s always best to keep your hair trimmed, especially if you're going to head off on a big coral sea dive trip or a week-long trip. You need to get a really good haircut because hair split ends are prone to turn into dreadlocks.

    Finally, when you get out of the water, make sure you rinse your hair with fresh water first, before you start to detangle it. Use a hair conditioner and a wet brush to brush your hair. 

    There's nothing worse than hearing about people getting scared away from spearfishing by ill-fitting equipment they just can't use. There is something out there for everybody. If you need additional tips and guidance on how to properly get started with spearfishing, visit theAdreno Spearfishing Blog now! You can also check out ourmassive range of spearfishing gear!