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    Spearfishing Competition with a Mission

    March 18, 2016 2 min read

    For the second year in a row, Adreno is proudly supporting the Kirk McNulty White Seabass Spearfishing Classic in California. The tournament, based on the United States west coast, will rally the best talent from San Diego to San Francisco to find the biggest and best of the species from March to May this year. However, what makes this competition a brilliant cut-above the rest, is the mission and heart behind it.

    As spearo’s, we are often quick to get a bad wrap from conservationists and the general community, who at times do not understand the selective and sustainable true nature of spearfishing. This competition looks to change that. In collaboration with the Hubbs-Seaworld Research Institute, divers are encouraged to turn in the heads of any White Seabass they catch. Embedded in the right cheek of any hatchery fish is a micro-chip that contains release, location and migration data which is used in an effort to advance the organisation's understanding and conservation efforts for the species. Through such efforts the fish has shown exponential growth in local ecosystems.

    As well as this innovative step in competitive spearfishing, all proceeds generated are donated to the Ocean Enhancement Foundation to continue releasing fish into the wild. The competition was founded in memory of Kirk McNulty, a world class waterman and brother of Adreno’s long-time friend, Clark McNulty, who we are excited to say has now joined our head office management team in Brisbane.

    To win this comp, you better bring your A game! As over the past 3 years, more than 150 divers have been weighing in some absolute monsters. From 2014, the inaugural champ Paul Hugaboom’s colossal 72.7lb find to Joel Olenik’s 72.1lb winner in 2015.

    Not only is this competition a great chance for the local spearing community to promote sustainable fishing efforts, but there is real potential for this to become the tri-nations of spearing! Australia’s Mulloway and South Africa’s Kob being an incredibly similar species to America’s White Seabass, the competition has plans to grow and perhaps allow for international competition in the future.

    Stay tuned, as we might have a great chance to show the world what we can do! As if you would need more motivation, the trophy, shaped like Poseidon’s Trident, will go down in history as truly ‘epic’.


    This competition is an example of why our community is so great! Divers all over the world share the same passion and come together to support it. We encourage everyone to generate some discussion below and let us know your thoughts on this fantastic initiative.

    For more information about the tournament head to: http://www.oceansglobal.org/events/2016/2/9/2016-spearfishing-tournament-1

    To sign up head to: http://www.oceansglobal.org/takeaction/2016-kirk-mcnulty-white-seabass-tournament