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    Spearfishing Advice Part 4: Less Ego and More Fun

    February 18, 2016 2 min read

    Spearfishing Advice Part 4: Less Ego and More Fun


    Attitude and Appreciation

    Richard 'Snoek' Leonard: "Have a whole lot of fun, man. The ocean is such a beautiful place, it’s a magical place, you know? Try to keep the awe factor, the stoke. No matter how many times you’ve been to that same crack in the reef, no matter how many times you’ve dived along that same gully. Keep that stoke, enjoy the ocean, it’s the most beautiful thing that God’s created and He’s given it to us. So just enjoy it and always stay stoked about it.

    And then if you want to get good at diving, the best way to do it, is time in the water. That’s really the best way to do it. Just spend time in the water. Like anything we do in life, the more consistently you do it, the more you learn about doing it. And you’ll find guys like in my latest movie, One Fish Legends, (guys) like Barry Paxman, who on any given year can spend up to 250 - 300 days in the water. That’s a lot of time. And you see him today, he is still so passionate, even about shooting that 5 kilo Spanish Mackerel. He’s so stoked."

    My Experience:Many of us might think that this sounds like a 'no-brainer' but in my experience there are a lot of miserable buggers who just find stuff to whinge about or take themselves to seriously and/or take what we have for granted.

    Takeaway Action: Be grateful, stay stoked and dont be a dick.


    Richard Leonard-spearfishing-attitude-appreciation Richard 'Snoek' Leonard Living The Stoke



    Healthy Spearfishing Community

    Beau Armstrong: "Find a community, mate. Somewhere where the ego is left out and you just get the answers, because at the end of the day, when you first start out, you don’t want to sound like you don’t have any idea. But we’re all in that boat, so you shouldn’t worry about that."

    My experience: Here in Southern Queensland finding a club is hard. We have had lots of trouble maintaining and keeping our clubs going with many factors involved. Lack of money and a lack of time being the major drivers behind the difficulties in my opinion. That being said, there are some awesome groups on Facebook everywhere that are convenient and provide fast but not necessarily accurate communication. Despite the pitfalls you can meet and dive with some great spearo's in these groups . I got started with the Sunshine Coast Skindivers and found people to go with via their facebook page.

    Actionable Takeaway: Find a local club and join it. Failing that, find out where the local spearo's hang out and go and meet some good spearo's. Get a mentor if you can.

    Making the community - Jason, Craig, Author, Gavin



    This content was provided by noobspearo.com, a great spearfishing podcast which aims to grow and educate the spearfishing community