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    Southern Right Whale Research

    September 29, 2016 1 min read

    Southern Right Whale Research

    Rare footage of an endangered white Southern Right Whale calf has been filmed in a collaborative project between Murdoch University and Aarhus University in Denmark. The project aims to gather data to assist in our understanding of the behaviours and patterns of these whales.

    Researchers rely heavily on drones to gather data that previously we would never have been able to gather. Using an ariel point of view and sophisticated software, we can consider addressing questions that previously could have never been answered.

    The research project uses the latest technologies to looks at factors influencing on individual whale populations. Data is collected through suction cup tags. These tags are the most effective way of gathering data as they pose no harm to the animal and are highly traceable. They look at physical attributes such as variations in growth, body condition, and size, but also use new data such as pitch, roll, sounds and dive profiles (depth) to better understand the behavioural ecology behind these mammals.

    The data is then used to inform management of relevant industry on conservation strategies to minimise human impact in the environment of the Southern Right Whale.