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    Simple and Basic Gear Maintenance - "BCD Low Pressure Inflator"

    April 19, 2011 2 min read

    There is nothing more annoying than to have a slow leak / stream of bubbles coming from your BCD Low pressure inflator. Having a small leak or Brrr sound coming from the BCD can be dangerous as the BCD can slowly inflate over a period of time and if left unnoticed may result in an uncontrolled assent. Luckily BCD inflator Mechanisms are easy to fix.

    Inside the BCD Mech are several o rings that over time will either become old and perished or more likely have their seal broken by grit and sand allowing air to pass. In regards to sand the best way to maintain your equipment is to always wash it thoroughly with fresh water after every dive .

    Tools you will need, Screwdriver, and a Wrench disc retainer

    Start by removing the push rod holder. The push rod is the valve that lets air into the BCD when you push the inflator button.

    Once the Push rod Housing has been removed it will need to be opened. Inside the push rod Housing are O rings that will need to be replaced or cleaned.

    Remove the QD fitting (where the low pressure inflator attaches) replace or clean the o ring

    It is important to check all the o rings within the Mechanism and to remove any grit from the housing.

    With O rings never apply large amounts of Silicone grease as to much will cause sand and grit to attach and create a faulty seal. Only apply enough for lubrication of the o ring.

    Once all the o rings have been either replaced or cleaned simply put the Mech back together and test in a bucket of water for leaks.