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    Operation: Clean-Up the Seaway 2.0

    May 25, 2012 1 min read

    So for those who recall, I announced that the Griffith Uni Dive Club would band together to clean-up the Seaway last month. However, with the weather gods pulling the strings, our clean-up puppets didn't get all that far. One metre vis forced us to call the dive off and reschedule it for better conditions.

    Behold, these conditions have arrived. I jumped in the Seaway, along with a dozen other gleeful divers, on Sunday to rejoice in the 15 metre visibility. As such, the GU Dive Club are armed with onion bags and ready to clean.

    Last year we had a great turn out, with over 20 bags of rubbish collected by our divers. Unfortunately, we also found a few animals that had died due to being caught in fishing line.

    We even got in one of the local papers, which showed members of the public and especially the fishermen just how much rubbish and its associated damage there is down below.

    Griffith Uni Dive Club

    High tide is at 12:30pm, but we will be down there from 10:30am so if you are interested in coming along to help drive the message for a cleaner Seaway, please don’t hesitate to contact me at griffithunidiveclub@gmail.com or directly at sarah.richmond@griffithuni.edu.au

    Below are a few pics taken last year by one of the GU Dive Club admins, Ryan Pearson

    Til then, Sarah Shark

    Seaway Rubbish Fishing

    Seaway Diving Fishing

    Fishing gear Seaway Diving

    CLean up Seaway Fishing

    Dive Club Clean up Seaway