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    Oceanic Bladefish 7000 Sea Scooter - Video Review

    January 18, 2012 1 min read

    Oceanic Bladefish 7000 Sea Scooter - Video Review

    You may have seen my blog about the new Bladefish 7000 sea scooter earlier this month. I had the distinct pleasure of testing the new sea scooter, the latest offering from the Bladefish range which is imported into Australia by Oceanic.

    Some new features that I enjoyed most were: - with 3 gears, the top speed is now 6.5km per hour - a new camera mounting system with a screw thread for POV (point of view) shooting.

    My buddy Leigh, from MoistMultiMedia, filmed my first dive with the Bladefish 7000 and made the following product review movie for us:

    Why do you need a sea scooter? The main function of a scooter/DPV (Diver Propulsion Vehicle) is to conserve a diver’s energy (and more importantly their air!) and can be used when drift diving to fight against the current or if you need to travel a decent distance to your intended dive site. But most of all: it is fun!

    Adreno already has this amazing unit instock, however the most exciting news for you is you have a chance to Win a Bladefish 7000 for yourself on our Facebook page!