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    New Freediving World Record is SET!

    June 08, 2012 1 min read

    New Freediving World Record is SET!

    There is a new 'deepest man' in the freediving discipline of constant weight. Alexey Molchanov set the new official World Record today, successfully diving to 125m (410 feet), on a single breath. Alexey's dive time was three minutes and fifty two seconds.

    The previous world record of 24m has been held by Austrian Herbert Nitcsh for the past two years. Today Nitcsh attempted a 'No Limits' ( assisted by a sled) freedive to 244m (800 feet) - which would be the deepest that any man has ever gone. Unfortunately, he didn't successfully complete the dive and has been taken to a decompression chamber after some difficulties - we wish him a speedy recovery!

    When interviewed Mr. Molchanov said that “ten seconds after surfacing and performing the required protocol, I needed to focus hard to keep control over my low oxygen levels and I succeeded. I am happy with this dive and the record. I am very thankful for having such a wonderful team of divers here supporting me”.

    Congratulations on such a fantastic achievement Alexey.