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    Mulloway (soapie's)

    July 20, 2011 1 min read

    Mulloway (soapie's)

    Mulloway (Jewfish) are one of my favourite fish to chase, there is nothing better than to sneak in under a heavy swell into a tiny crack scanning the dark for a shape or a white diamond (spots along the lateral line) all the time with a heavy rumble of white wash just above your head.

    When chasing mulloway in dirty water (most often the case) i find it easier to spot the fish by sitting as low in the water and looking for the silhouette of the fish, a mulloway has a distinctive body shape. Also when swimming into a hole i find that the fish are less likely to spot me if i swim towards them with the sun behind myself, this can make the difference between getting a good shot or shooting from the hip as the fish dart past your head.

    Another tip is when swimming into a hole i try not to swim up the centre, but hug one of the sides. This helps dramaticly with regards to not spooking the fish.

    Here are a few photos of Soapie (small) Mulloway from the last few days. These fish are excellent eating at this size. When eating Soapies i like to simply fillet the fish and bake the fillets in the oven with no additives, nothing better apart from coral trout fillets. :)

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