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    Looking for new Ocean Action Projects - by PADI Project AWARE

    July 10, 2012 1 min read

    Looking for new Ocean Action Projects - by PADI Project AWARE

    The Project AWARE Foundation knows that local actions make a global difference.

    This month Project AWARE launched the new Ocean Action Project. They’re looking to support innovative and results-driven projects to address two key focus areas: tackling marine debris problems and protecting critical shark and ray species.

    With increasing threats facing our ocean planet, working globally and acting locally has never been so important. And the Ocean Action Project supports local ocean conservation initiatives that bring us a step closer to a clean, healthy and abundant ocean planet.

    The search is on for new Ocean Action Projects: - Does your Ocean Action Project qualify? Check it out here!

    - Can it stand up to the rest?

    Project AWARE will select the best of the best and let the public cast the final vote by 30 August. Winners will receive funds to help find solutions to local ocean issues.

    To view the Ocean Action Project guidelines and application, visit www.projectaware.org/OceanActionProject.

    Completed applications must be received by Project AWARE by August 1st, and submit a photo to help tell your story and inspire the public vote.

    You don’t have to be a diver to get your ocean project up and running. If there’s an action-orientated project that inspires you, please spread the word and invite others to apply. Feel free to be in touch with PADI AWARE with questions and help vote for your favorite Ocean Action Project!