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    Living Water Freedivers Big Fish Spearfishing Competition Report

    February 26, 2014 2 min read

    Another good turn out with 40 divers from many clubs keen to get going and appreciative of the ADRENO Hat, Lanyard and stickers at sign on. While the weather on top was okay, the Vis was very ordinary all the way to Seal Rocks and 5metres at best made for challenging diving.

    Most of the divers went north to Seals Rocks with a few diving Broughton Island. Talking to a few divers it wasn’t a pleasant run back from Seals into the southerly.

    The fish presented at weigh in weren’t as good as last year with only 3 kings weighed, so some solid Drummer got great prizes.


    First place competitor, Kyle Johnson, with his 14.8kg Kingfish

    Kyle Johnson defended his title with a nice 14.8kg Kingfish and took out 1st prize which included a SEAC Camo wetsuit, booties and gloves plus $300 cash. Stu Pauline came 2nd with a 13.1 kg King winning the Beuchat wetsuit sponsored by ADRENO and $200 cash. 3rd place went to Peter Walsh with a 10kg Kingy winning a great Pelagic Aussie Rail Gun and $100 cash.

    Junior winner was Zeb Lilliandale who won a Torelli Wetsuit.


    Second place competitor, Stu. Winner of new Beuchat wetsuit.

    Bill Rule won the highly sought after Penetrator Carbon Fins in the raffle and Darren Merlo and Ian Mallett won the mystery weight prizes.

    We’d like to thank ADRENO for their ongoing loyal support of our comp.

    Lastly we’d like to thank all the spearos who participated, especially the ones who travelled. Looking forward to catching up with you all next year.




    1st  Kyle Johnson           Kingfish              14.8kg

    2nd Stuart Pauline           Kingfish              13.1

    3rd  Peter Walsh            Kingfish              10.6

    4th  Sam Morgan           Drummer

    5th  Paul Riorden           Drummer

    6th  Al Cooke               Drummer

    7th  Troy Lilliandale        Drummer

    8th  Paul Marsh             Drummer

    9th  Tyler Drake            Drummer

    10th Peter Saunders          Sawtail


    1st  Zeb Lilliandale

    2nd  Christian Fermanov

    3rd  Jacob Elias