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    Leutjenant Day

    July 25, 2011 2 min read

    Me and a mate decided to head out even though big tides and try for some pelajics out around a deep drop of as the tides were big which is usually better for pelajics. We had to make an early start leaving at 3 am to beat the morning low tide or it would have been 9 before we could launch the boat. It was an awesome ride out with near glass conditions and a massive full moon. As we neared the last island before heading out to the spot it was still dark with no sign of the so we decided to pull up and have something to eat. I looked over the side in around 2m of water and could see the bottom just from the moonlight which was a pretty cool sight. We got kitted up and headed out to our destination to find dirty cold green water, and spent the next half an hour scouring around but to no avail everywhere was dirty. We headed back to the island to see what we could find around the island as there was only about 5m of vis.

    To the west end of the island was a rocky outcrop with and oyster bar we jumped in to check it out before we got to the rocks Rooney stoned a good size snapper, as i swam a bit closer to the rock i also shot a good size snapper. We dove the rock for a while there were plenty of small jack but no big ones i swam back and collected the boat i drove past to pick up Rooney only to find he shot a good size jack flukey bastard.

    We moved around the island looking for more ground to dive, we found some good looking ground about 100m from the shore with a good rock ledge. We burleyed up before jumping in and i was first to enter and was kindly greeted by 2 big jack feeding, i quickly aimed and landed my first jack. We dove the ledge for another hour landing 3 more nice jack.

    The tide slowed down at the top of the tide so we ventured out to some deeper water and found some good ledgey ground. I dove down but wasn't much happening with not to many fish but the ledge was covered in crays. We spent a while gathering our bag of crays and decided to call it a day. As we were headed home we drove over an awesome bombie so we pulled up to see what it was like, i already took all my gear of so Rooney jumped in to check it out. He dove down and i seen his gun fire but the trout he shot wrapped him in the coral. He dove a couple of times to free the fish, once free he returned and said there were plenty of trout n blues and lots of crays, but we decided to plot it and leave it for another trip. It turned out to be a pretty good day with some nice leutjenants and plenty of crays in the bag.

    Matthew Parker

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