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    Introduction to Spearfishing - DVD Review

    November 02, 2011 3 min read

    Introduction to Spearfishing - DVD Review

    Introduction to Spearfishing

    If you are interested in spearfishing, or just a beginner still, it can be a bit daunting to select new gear and get started in the water. There is so much you need to know about the right equipment for the conditions you will be going out in and the gear that is needed for the job. Also: how do you know which fish species are OK to spear, how to recognise them? How do you treat the fish once speared and what do you have to look out for, safety wise?

    Well, we have good news for you: there are some really good spearfishing DVDs on the market which can teach you everything you need to know about getting started. Famous spearo Darren Shields and Kane Grundy have combined their unequalled knowledge of the sport to produce this best selling DVD that will answer all those questions new spearos have and even snippets for the experienced spearo that will further your skills.

    The DVD 'Introduction to Spearfishing' covers everything you will ever need to know to get started.

    Topics covered are as below:

    1. How to choose the right equipment. 2. How to put the equipment on. 3. How to load a spear gun and also safety practices with a speargun. 4. How to do a shore entry. 5. How to do a boat entry. 6. How to launch a boat. 7. How to pick an area to dive 8. How to dive without splashing and scaring fish 9. How to hunt fish. 10. How to spear a fish. 11. How to kill a fish once speared 12. How to string a fish on your floatline 13. How to look after your fish once back in the boat 14. How to stow your gear in a boat 15. How to catch a crayfish 16. How to clear your mask should it get water in it 17. How to set up a fillet station at home. 18 .How to fillet and prepare your catch

    Speared Cod

    Additional footage: Identifying fish and preventing black outs

    The DVD then has two other sections, the first is real footage of a free divers biggest danger 'Shallow Water Blackout', this is the raw uncut footage of a free diver blacking out and being saved by his dive buddies, it is hard hitting but there to make a point and save lives, this is a must see for all free divers new and experienced.

    The DVD then finishes off with fish species ID with a list of what these experienced fishermen suggest you do and do not target, this will help a new diver immediately identify fish when you go to the ocean and stop the unnecessary killing of fish that are not really that edible or need some form of protection to stop them being wiped out of the reef system.

    How to order The DVD 'Introduction to Spearfishing' costs just $29 (down from $40) and the run time is approximately 55 minutes. This means that in under an hour you'll know a lot more to become a confident spearo! And if you already know everything about spearfishing, the DVD makes a great gift to a friend who is interested to get into it too.

    Order the DVD 'Introduction to Spearfishing' online here.

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