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    How To Insert Fin Blades Into Foot Pockets

    February 20, 2024 2 min read

    How To Insert Fin Blades Into Foot Pockets

    Upgrading your gear is a natural (and necessary) progression in diving. One of the most common components to get upgraded is your fin blades. Usually divers will start with plastic blades and then move on to carbon or fibreglass as they become more experienced. Lucas guides you through the process of inserting new fin blades into your foot pockets. Whether you're transitioning from plastic to fibreglass or carbon fibre blades, these steps will help you make the change smoothly. 


    Step 1: Compatibility Check
    The first step in replacing fin blades is ensuring that your foot pocket and the new blades are compatible. To do this, line the base of the blade up with the bottom of the foot pocket and push the blade in. Depending on the specific design, you might need to exert a considerable amount of force to secure the blade firmly in the pocket. This compatibility check is crucial to ensure a snug fit and optimal performance during your dives.

    Step 2: Attaching Foot Pocket Rails
    Now that you have the blade in the foot pocket, it's time to attach the foot pocket rails to the rails of the blade. This can be a bit tricky, but Lucas Handley offers a neat trick. You can bend the foot pocket rails outwards, which flexes the rubber and allows it to fold over the rail of the blade. This method ensures a secure connection between the blade and the foot pocket, preventing any unexpected separation during your dives.

    Step 3: Securing the Blade
    To make sure the blade remains in place, you'll need to secure it properly. Adreno recommends using a fin fixing kit for this purpose. It's essential to consider whether you want the change to be permanent or if you'd like the flexibility to interchange blades in the future.

    If you choose a permanent attachment, you can use glue to secure the blade to the foot pocket. Keep in mind that this option means you won't be able to switch blades easily later. Alternatively, you can opt for a more versatile approach by drilling the blades in. To do this, match the drill bit to the size of the holes in the foot pocket and drill through the blade. Afterward, apply a plug to the top of the holes and drill screws through the bottom of the blade into the plug. This method allows you to interchange blades as needed, providing more flexibility.

    Step 4: Clipping the Rails
    For the final step, you'll need to clip the rails together to further secure the blades. This step might require a fair bit of force and persistence. Clipping the rails ensures that the blade remains firmly attached to the foot pocket, giving you the confidence to explore the underwater world without any worries.

    By following these steps, you'll be well-prepared for your next upgraded dive, equipped with the perfect fin blades!