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    Gold Coast Sea Slug Census – Get Involved In Real Science!

    June 16, 2021 1 min read

    Gold Coast Sea Slug Census – Get Involved In Real Science!

    A majority of sea slugs tend to only live for a year or even less depending on the species. They are very sensitive to changes in their environment, making them a perfect measure on the quality of the water. They can provide a quick warning to worrying signs in their environment, including climate change effects, pollution, loss of its prey or habitat. Their specialised feeding habits increases their sensitivity to any disruptions in their food source.

    With weather patterns at extremes, it is important now to continue to monitor what’s happening on the Gold Coast. This year we have partnered with the local NGO, Ocean Connect and are excited to announce theSea Slug Survey Gold CoastProject on Biocollect (Atlas of Living Australia). Your Sea Slug pics can be recorded at our annual Census, being held this year on 25-26th September 2021, but now also on an ongoing basis via aneasy to use online Survey.

    How to participate in the Gold Coast Sea Slug Census:

    1. Dive, snorkel or rock pool with a buddy and take pics of every sea slug you see.
    2. Send the pics and short data form back or upload them to the Biocollect App.
    3. You will then be in the running for several prize categories.

    Further information is available at the Gold Coast Sea Slug Census Facebook page orgoldcoastseaslugcensus@gmail.com