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    Freediving Profile: Amber Bourke

    May 07, 2013 1 min read

    Freediving Profile: Amber Bourke


    Name:Amber Bourke Age:24

    Nationality: Australian

    Achievements: Australian record DYN: 181m Australian record DNF: 155m Ranked world #2 DNF and world #5 DYN (2012)

    How long have you been freediving for?18 months

    How did you start freediving? I was backpacking through Egypt when I came across a little town called Dahab where everyone was crazy about scuba diving and this sport called “freediving” that I’d never heard of before. I had a few days to kill so I signed up for a beginner course on impulse and I have been hooked ever since.

    What do you love about freediving? I love being in the water – especially underwater! I also enjoy the challenge. Freediving pushes my boundaries, both mentally and physically. How do you train for a competition?I get in the water as often as possible! I put most of my success so far down to having such a fun and supportive group of individuals to train with. They make training enjoyable and keep me motivated.