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    Footballers, Passionfruits, GT's and a whole lot of clear water!

    June 09, 2011 1 min read

    Footballers, Passionfruits, GT's and a whole lot of clear water!

    Got out for a couple of dives on my week off from the mines and was stoked with 25m plus of visibility and a heap of brand new kit thanks to Adreno which included;

    Headed out with two good mates, Brad and Rob and shot my first Chinese Footballer (Blue Spot Trout) and then I managed to get a bigger fatter one. I have been after this fish since I got back from overseas and although it may not be the most elusive fish to hunt, I reckon it would have to be one of the best fish to photograph above and below the water.

    I also managed a nice GT which put up a great fight and fed 10 people that night at our local thai restaurant. Its a great little place, we just take the fillets in, tell them how we want it done and they bring out some top notch food for about $12 a head.

    Rob Shot a nice Passionfruit Trout and we also managed a couple of Common Trout as well. It was a great day in the end and a great way to finish off my break.

    Next break I am heading south to Mission Beach for the long weekend and hopefully I will get some Jacks, Tuskies and Fingermark in and around the reefs down there. Fingers crossed the weather is good!!