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    Foggy masks and Bull Sharks

    February 13, 2011 1 min read

    Conditions are excellent at the moment, good reports of Spanish and cobia around. grabbing my gear i jumped head first into 24' 20m vis water. I was planning to dive a reef 400m off the shore and use a few land marks as reference to find this small speck on the ocean floor.

    Within a few seconds of hitting the water i realised that someone had taken it upon them self to clean my dirty old mask. Immediately it began to fog due to the detergents used to clean my mask, no matter what i did i could not stop it from fogging up.

    I continued to swim till i reached the reef, as soon as i reached the reef i could see several Spanish mackerel milling around plus 3 large whalers down on the bottom.  I ducked my head under the water and began to drift towards the bottom, through the foggy haze of my mask i could make out a a few Spanish. I took aim and shot one of the mackerel, as the fish took off a large tiger shark came in on me following my fins all the way to the top. With no dive buddy boat or gun (as the Spanish had it dragging behind) plus a foggy mask, i felt extremely venerable. :)   just got to love this sport because you never know what you are going to see.