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    5 reasons to go to ODEX this weekend!

    October 03, 2011 2 min read

    5 reasons to go to ODEX this weekend!


    What: ODEX is a trade and consumer show with currently 134 Exhibitors and 40 seminar presentations confirmed (as of 25/08/11). Special features include Blue Edge, an international freediving and spearfishing symposium and the 5th Underwater Festival, a showcase of photography and moving image.


    Brisbane RNA Showgrounds


    Friday 7th 10am-6pm

    Saturday 8th 10am-6pm

    Sunday 9th 10am-5pm


    1. SO MANY STALLS Scanning through this months issue of DiveLog there is a tonne of info on ODEX and the floor plan is massive! With over 200 stalls including ADRENO, Contour Cameras, Mares, Pelagic Spearfishing, SSI Freediving, a Spearos and Freedivers Lounge, Aimrite Australia, Apnea Australia, Australian Freediving Association, AUF and MUCH more! If you're a spearo, freediver or bubble blower - you're going to be in heaven.

    2. SO MANY PEOPLE Whether you are new to spearing and wanting to meet new people, or an experienced spearo wanting catch up with friends that have travelled from around Australia, ODEX is the place to do it. With over 20,000 water lovers expected to attend you will be sure to make new and lasting friendships.

    3. SO MANY SEMINARS One of the best things about ODEX is that you will learn heaps of useful hints and tips, no matter your experience level. With Freediving seminars from the top Men and Women Freedivers in the country including Ben Noble, Erex Beatus and Alana Caskey Wells, you will be bound to increase your breath hold after hearing their talks.

    If you're a spearo there are heaps of seminars from Australia's best spearfisher's too including: Adam Smith who will be talking on the Fundamentals of Spearfishing including basic skills, hunting, safety and sustainability; Darren Shield's who will be sharing stories about NZ spearfishing; Mary Ann Stacey who will be talking about Women and Spearfishing; as well as talks from Tony Heugh (Edge Spearguns), Ray Powell (DiveR Fins), Rob Torelli and Mark Priest. The chance to meet all of these great spearo's and freediver's is a once off opportunity - so don't miss out!!

    4. SO MANY PRIZES You can win amazing prizes just for showing up! Holidays to the maldives, Fiji, PNG and Bali, Contour cameras, Freediving courses, spearguns... the list goes on! Check it out here http://www.odex.com.au/door_prize.html Adreno also has heaps of giveaways and specials on during ODEX so come and visit us to grab a bargain!

    5. SO MANY SOCIAL EVENTS On Saturday night there is an important opportunity to continue your networking with the top Freedivers and Spearos by heading down to the Jubilee hotel for dinner, drinks and a party! The ODEX weekend also coincides with this years Oktoberfest. With over 60,000 celebrators expected to attend, Brisbane's Oktoberfest is the biggerst Oktoberfest celebration in the world outside of Germany!

    These are just 5 quick reasons that you should attend ODEX this weekend. There are many many more exciting opportunities, displays and stalls as well as non-stop seminars that you will love. If you want to check it out, keep an eye on the Adreno facebook page as we are giving away free tickets every day until the event! Can't wait to see you there!