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    Far South Coast Spearfishing Championship 2017

    April 13, 2017 2 min read

    Looking for a good dive weekend away? Take a trip to the un-spoilt Far South Coast of NSW for the Far South Coast Championship 2017 hosted by the Southern Zone. Its on next weekend Saturday 22nd April, at Narooma. Starting at the public boat ramp 8am till 2pm.

    The diving in this area is world class, spectacular costal scenery, and a pristine marine environment. This is autumn diving at its best, warm water and the last grab of summers warmth before winter rolls in. Fish life is excellent, Pelagic fish such as Kingfish , Bonito and Salmon are regularly weighed in at this time of year along with extra large Blue Morwong , Blue throat Wrasse, Long Snout Boar fish, Snook and all the other usually suspects, only bigger and sweeter to eat.

    If you haven’t eaten fresh Blue throat wrasse in an Asian sauce or pan fried Boar fish, you are missing out big time. Come down and try something new, not to mention the crays and other delicacy’s that abound.

    Whether you are a shore-based diver or boat there is a wide range of dive locations from local sites at Dalmeny, Narooma, Mystery bay or a short road trip down to Bermagui and the Blue Pools. If you have a boat there are all of these plus Montague Island, famous for large Yellow Tail King fish and other offshore pelagic fish.

    Expect to see upwards of 15 species of top quality eating fish being presented at the weigh in. You can pick the brains of the other divers while having lunch and watching the weigh in Gain valuable experience from the others divers who are happy to share there experience.

    The nuts and bolts

    Sign on is $60.00 for the open division or $30.00 for juniors (under 18). All competitors must be AUF or USSFA Financial. You can join on the day and must have a float and flag, a whistle and reflector.

    There is a huge prize pool with generous support from Adreno, DiverR , Manny Sub and other quality gear. The prizes are on a lucky door prize system as you sign on. You have as much chance as anyone of going home with one or Adreno Invis-Skin wetsuits, dive masks, floats or a host of other essential gear.

    Trophy’s are allocated to all age groups from Sub Juniors to Grand masters for those over 65.

    Make the most of one of the last weekends before the winter weather arrives.

    For more details visit the Facebook Event or ring Troy 0438 501812 or Brad 0438510146Hope to see you there.

    Hope to see you there.