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    Electric Visual - Adreno's Favourite Polarised Sunglasses

    August 09, 2012 1 min read

    Electric Visual - Adreno's Favourite Polarised Sunglasses

    Electric Polarized Sunglasses are a welcome addition to the range of Adreno products. Validated every day by world class athletes and watermen such as spearo/surfer Mark Healey, Electic Sunglasses are now Adreno's favourite shades to wear while on the water too.

    Big wave rider and legendary spearo, Mark Healey, wears nothing but Eelctric Visual - he even created his own style of Electric sunglasses!

    Boasting 100% UV protection, high color contrast and utilizing the superior glare reduction of an optical polarized filter fueled with the finest degree of craftsmanship straight from the factories in Europe, Electric Visual will soon be as huge in Australia as it is in America. With the perfect combination of performance, function, and design, Electric’s focus on quality eyewear sets the highest standards demanded by serious watermen and anyone who appreciates the very best in performance eyewear and lenses.

    Why do we wear Polarized lenses?

    At the risk of sounding scientific, when the sun’s rays hit a flat surface such as water, snow or asphalt in the road they converge like a lightsaber, get organized and bounce back with “glare.” It’s this concentration of light that causes temporary blindness, disorientation and mind-bending headaches. We don’t ask why Mother Nature gave light this power. We just don’t let her abuse it by offering unrivaled protection with our Polarized lenses.

    This isn’t a cheap coating and this is not a gimmick, it’s a benchmark of quality for those who demand premium lenses. Whether you are fishing in the High Sierra or simply posted at your local beach, Electric’s Polarized lenses offer performance and optical clarity far beyond the familiar. Lose the glare and further your stare.

    Check out all of Electric’s Polarized Sunglasses in store now at Adreno, or just some of the range online.