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    Eden Interstate Challenge 2017

    May 13, 2017 2 min read

    Eden Interstate Challenge 2017

    The Eden Interstate Challengee is being hosted by the South Coast Barracudas Club, Located in the Deep South of NSW Eden is approx 6 hrs south of Sydney and approx 6.5hrs from Melbourne. The Eden area has fish life which could be compared to an aquarium. With a lot of the southern VIC species along with the temperate species of NSW converging along this pristine coastline. The Eden comp regularly host over 100 divers. And we can get upto 30 boats/jetski's aswell. Some of the best comp divers from around Australia can be found at this event. The race across the bay to everyone's first spot really is amazing and fun to be apart of. If you don't have access to a boat rockhopping isn't a problem as places such as Greencape, Bittangabee Bay and even the chip mill inside the bay are an easy dive to the South. While to the North you have North head, the wreck of the Gladstone and even as far as Tathra to dive. The top divers can be expected to bring in as many as 25 species! The comp really is a big social event with friends from different states and clubs getting to catch up and tell battle stories, share photos from the last year and even play then odd prank on one another. Trophys are given out for each category and the prizes are all lucky door at the presentation. This is really an amazing Comp thanks to all our sponsors including Adreno, DiveR, Aimrite, MannySub and even Cootacraft just to name a few!! It really is the Comp where anything can happen!

    Sign on is $85 for seniors,$45 for juniors, comp hoodie, feed and drinks during weigh in, early registration is available also.

    So if your interested in a dive comp where it's almost more about the fun then the competition itself come along on Saturday 10th of June and meet the friendly divers of the southern zone say Hi and have a good yarn.