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    Dolphin Fish With Dr. Whoo - Video Blog

    March 19, 2012 1 min read

    Dolphin Fish With Dr. Whoo - Video Blog

    In this spearfishing instruction blog, Dr. Whoo shares his experience with catching Dolphin Fish. Dr. Whoo works at Adreno, but can often be found in the water in his spare time and has extensive spearfishing experience.

    Dr Whoo takes you through the process step by step and in the video below you can even watch him catch one!

    The eating quality of this fish is excellent, so don't let your catch go to waste!



    During warmer months Dolphin Fish can be found in off shore waters, congregating around floating objects such as marker buoys, FADs, and wave rider buoys.

    Queensland regulations:

    - Minimum size 50 cm.

    - Limit :  5 per person.


    - Firstly, use a short float rope, say 0.5 kilo for shallow diving (8-10m) to minimise the chance of getting caught up with the buoy.

    - Add some weight to your belt.

    - Do short drift dives, say 50m up current from the buoy.

    - Dive to about 3m when you see fish in the distance and drift quietly.

    - Leaving the surface is important for accuracy and bringing the fish to you.

    - Stay quiet and drift below the surface and targets will present.

    - Always be mindful of the buoy, float and equipment location for safety.

    - If the fish are weary use some burley to gain range. Focus on the burley and they will come.

    Outcome Last weekend, using these techniques, we bagged out with 15 Dolphin Fish in approximately 2 hours! Watch the movie I made of catching one of them...

    Dr. Whoo