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    Cressi Ultralight BCD Review

    August 02, 2017 1 min read

    In this episode of Adreno Reviews, Adreno's Taylor Slattery runs us through the features of our Cressi Ultralight BCD. This video provides an insight into the various features and benefits of this BCD!

    The Cressi Ultralight BCD is one of the lightest BCD's on the market, perfect for travelling as it only weighs 2kg and doesn't have a back plate so you can easily roll it up and chucked into your bag ready to go for your adventures. With all the safety features required to ensure a safe dive but still the flexibility to pack up and go instantly, definitely a huge bonus!

    Showcasing built in weight pockets and 3 dump valves, this back style inflation buoyancy device is a great addition to your scuba collection. Although petite in size the Cressi Ultralight BCD is known for its stability under water and it's great surface floating position, no shifting or tank wobble. 4 D-rings perfect for mounting all your accessories for hands-free diving when not in use. The Cressi Ultralight is definitely a great BCD for both beginner and experienced divers who want a streamlined lightweight BCD.

    Cressi Ultralight BCD

    • Cressi's streamline power inflator
    • Cable activated dump valve
    • 3/8" threaded quick disconnect hose
    • Overpressure relief valve with pull cord at the shoulder
    • Environmentally sealed inflator mechanism
    • 4 plastic D rings
    • 9.2kg - 15.3kg capacity (depending on BCD size
    • CE certified