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    Come and Dive the President Coolidge in Vanuatu!

    July 15, 2011 2 min read

    Do you want to escape the chill of winter and make your friends jealous with your amazing tan and epic stories?! Come and join us as we explore the President Coolidge in Santo, Vanuatu from 16 to 22 August 2011. Just on a month to go! For a measly $1,698 you can join us on this amazing adventure with flights (Ex. Brisbane), 6 nights accommodation at the world famous Deco Stop Lodge, return airport transfers, daily continental breakfast, Australian departure taxes and 10 dives led by Allan Power Dive Tours! Could you think of a better way to escape winter....I can't!

    Divers see a largely intact luxury cruise liner and a military ship at once. They can swim through numerous holds and decks (earthquakes have collapsed sections). There are guns, cannons, Jeeps, helmets, trucks and personal supplies, a beautiful statue of "The Lady" (a porcelain relief of a lady riding a unicorn) chandeliers, and a mosaic tile fountain. Coral grows around, with many creatures such as reef fish, barracuda, lionfish, sea turtles and moray eels.

    Lying on her side in 21-73m (70 – 240 ft) of water, the Coolidge is perhaps the most accessible shipwreck of this size and type. The wreck is one of the most desirable dives due to relatively shallow site, easy beach access, visibility. The depths involved mean that, with care and decompression stops, recreational divers can explore large parts of the wreck without specialized equipment. The massive expanse of the wreck, combined with the gradual downward slope, means that care must be taken monitoring depth, as the diver's horizontal frame of reference may be skewed resulting in unaware continual gradual descent.

    The Times named the President Coolidge as one of the top ten wreck diving sites in the world.

    There are a few spaces left to join us so if you are keen to get away, get in quick! Don't delay call John Gransbury at Adreno on 07 3391 2299 today and secure your spot in paradise!

    S.A.F.E Diving!

    Diver John