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    Choose the fish you eat wisely!

    March 15, 2012 2 min read

    At DIVERSION DIVE TRAVEL we arrange trips to experience some of the very best diving in the world. Many divers love to eat fish, however we all know that our oceans are threatened by overfishing.

    Fish is a healthy food source but it is also one which gets exploited without compromise. Today’s technology used by commercial fishing fleets only take fish and don’t do anything to replenish or protect the resource. Entire fish stocks are in danger to be wiped out and new deep sea fishing techniques are extinguishing fish species faster than they can be discovered. How can one enjoy eating fish under these circumstances? What can we do?

    Efforts around the globe to make fishing a sustainable industry are of upmost importance and we like to support them as much as possible. What can you do? A lot! Ask before you buy and just choose to eat sustainable seafood every time you buy it. If you have not done it before, it is not too late yet, please start now. Make an extra effort on 16th March, it is Sustainable Seafood Day.

    The driving force for producers is “the market”. We are the market. .This is where we consumers come in when buying fish at your local supermarket, fish shop or restaurant.

    We as individual consumers can help make a difference by always ask and check before we buy to make sure we choose only sustainable fish. Choose MSC-(Marine Stewardship Council) labelled seafood: cook your own at home, or eat in a participating restaurant. For more details, check out:

    As with all things today, there are choices to be made – both good and bad when you consider purchasing seafood. How? MSC labelled seafood is a start and there is more help. With all the interesting names for fish popping up in the shops and restaurants it seems near to impossible to choose sustainable sources. The good news; different organisations around the world have published fish guides to help consumers, make the right choices. The information varies in each publication due to the different local fish names and availability. Here is a small selection of fish eating guides which are pretty helpful: Please do what you can to help so that you and your children can still enjoy reefs around the world teaming with fish!

    DIVERSION DIVE TRAVEL celebrates sustainable Seafood Day (16th March). They support the event by giving away a travel voucher worth $100 towards your next dive trip you book with DIVERSION DIVE TRAVEL. All you need to is share your story or photo about what you do on Sustainable Seafood day this weekend on their Facebook wall.

    Fish eating guides worth checking out:

    Australia/Oceania AMCS sustainable seafood guide USA /Canada Seafood choices (Online directory)

    UK/ Europe: Marine Conservation Society (pocket guide)


    We at Adreno also support this cause. If you are interested in the subject, read our previous blogs:

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