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    Caring For Your Catch

    April 15, 2013 2 min read

    There is no point going out spearfishing quality fresh fish for dinner if you are not going to care for, and respect, it in a way that will make sure it tastes the best it can when it reaches your plate. Follow these few guidelines to ensure that your catch is always the best:

    Bleed/gill your fish

    Bleeding your fish straight away will ensure that the flesh stays soft, white and maintains optimal flavour and texture. Bleeding your fish is easy, simply cut it's gills and/or rip the gills out. Doing this as soon as you have subdued your catch can be a good idea as it the blood and gills will often attract other fish. Just be prepared for the possibility of also attracting sharks and if you are concerned jump in the boat first and then bleed your catch.

    A gilled and gutted Spanish A gilled and gutted Spanish

    Gut your fish - especially Parrots

    Fish that are gutted maintain a fresher taste, especially parrot fish. Guts left in a fish, especially in warm weather, can cause the fish to go bad. As with the gills, guts often make good burley.

    Ice/Water Slurry

    It is important to be able to cool your fish straight away. Putting them into a slurry of salt water and ice is best, but straight ice is fine. Not icing your fish can cause the fish to go bad, and greatly decrease its eating quality.

    Ice your fish as soon as possible Ice your fish as soon as possible


    When filleting your fish, it is important to use sharp filleting knives that are suited to your purpose. Try not to waste any meat from the fish. Skin the fish and de-bone it, ready to be bagged.


    Bagging fish

    Fish should be bagged in cryavac or zip lock bags. This will allow a good seal, and for as much air as possible to be taken out of the bag before sealing. It is a good idea to write the fish species and date on the bag before bagging the fish. Bag the fish neatly and in a way that makes it easy to defrost and eat straight away (no bones, no skin).

    What to do with frames

    Frames can be discarded but it is a good idea to re-use them where you can. Fish frames make great crab pot bait,  and can also be frozen to be re-used as burly on your next dive trip. This ensures minimal waste, and you may even turn your fish frame into a way to catch another meal!

    Look after your catch to ensure you always have the best possible eating fish for dinner! Look after your catch to ensure you always have the best possible eating fish for dinner!