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    Buying Your First Speargun

    March 10, 2011 3 min read

    Buying Your First Speargun

    With such a variety of spearguns available, we thought it would be a good idea to fill you in on some of the things you should consider when purchasing your first speargun.

    Firstly, it is important to consider what kind of spearfishing you are likely to be doing. Although we all want to say we are going to be shooting massive fish every weekend, we know that reality doesn’t often have the same plans, especially when we’re just starting out! So unless you have access to a boat and some experienced spearfishing friends, you are likely to start off splashing around in the shallow shorelines while you get your bearings and hunting techniques down pat – but don’t get us wrong, there are definitely great fish to be found in those areas! The point is as a beginner, you probably do not need a large gun and something around the 110 or 120cm mark will be ideal.

    Secondly, you will need to consider your budget. Spearfishing, like anything, requires the proper equipment to make it safe, enjoyable and productive. Although, as the saying goes, “you are only as good as the equipment you use”, we all need to start somewhere! So we have compiled a list of guns, which we would personally recommend to suit most budget levels:

    Under $250:

    • Beuchat Marlin 1150cm $249 - For more than a year it has been tested by Pedro Carbonell, triple World Champion, who has not stopped praising this speargun. Its performance in terms of precision, comfort of use, and shooting distance is out of the ordinary. The Marlin can be equipped with an optional second sling and with the new Beuchat ultra light reel, making it a great all round gun for a fantastic price.
    $250 - $350:
    • Freedivers Evo Railgun 110 – 140 cm is designed for intermediate to experienced spearos. While structurally strong and impact resistant, it boasts a quiet but strong and accurate fire with its deep rail, ensuring you many great fish.
    $350 - $500:
    • We have a great deal on the Beuchat Marlin CARBONE FIBRE Elite Spearguns at the moment. At 1150cm it would be ideal for a first gun. With an RRP of $799, this top of the range gun is renowned for its precision, slick design and comfort for use. You won’t find a better gun for just $419!
    $500 - $800:
    • Aimrite’s Super Venom 120cm Railgun is possible the strongest gun in production today! It is built with a Kevlar/Carbon fiber barrel that boasts a wall thickness that is second to none at over 3.5mm. The massive wall thickness and Kevlar fibers significantly improves accuracy, impact resistance and results in a truly robust Blue water Railgun. Each gun comes ready to use and is individually hand assembled and tested with all precision engineered Aimrite components.
    Finally, it is handy to have a spare spear shaft for your gun and to have it ready to attach quickly when you are out on a boat. This will save you from having to sit out for the day with a bent, and therefore inaccurate, spear shaft! When purchasing a shaft it is also important to consider the kind of spearfishing you will be doing. The heavier or thicker the shaft, the more powerful any impact will be. If you are just beginning you are likely to be doing some shallow dives in rocky or reefy areas. The species you will target will not require a great deal of power and it would therefore be ideal to have a lighter spear.

    Additionally, as you are just beginning, it is likely that you will miss your target and have your spear hit the rocks or reef. The lesser amount of power behind your spear will make any damage in the form of blunting or bending your spear less significant. We would recommend a 7mm spring steel shaft when you are starting out as it is the strongest and, if the gun is not going to be targeting fish over 5kg, a stainless steel shaft, when looked after by thorough rinsing in fresh water, will not rust and will last throughout your beginning years.

    If you are finding it difficult to load your speargun, check out our tips in the FAQ section on the Adreno website for a helpful technique on how to load your speargun.