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    Brisbane Freedive Relay Medley

    September 01, 2016 1 min read

    Brisbane Freedive Relay Medley

    Brisbane-Freedive-Relay-MedleyOn the weekend of the 9th and 10th of September the Brisbane Freedivers Club will be hosting a pool freediving competition at the Sleeman Sports Complex in Brisbane. The event will take place over two days and consists of three separate disciplines: dynamic, dynamic no fins and static.

    Freediving is typically an individual sport so in an effort to encourage team work and comradeship within the club it was decided that the upcoming competition would be a team event. It will take the form of a ‘relay medley’ with teams of three divers competing in one discipline each. The team with the most aggregate points over the three disciplines will be pronounced the winner.

    The competition will consist mostly of divers from the Brisbane Freedivers Club but will also host visitors from the Goldy freediving club, Adelaide Freedivers and the Auckland Freediving Club.

    The Brisbane Freedivers Club trains three times a week at the Sleeman Sports Complex and currently consists of 70 members. The club exists to provide a place for local freedivers to train and is dedicated to the sport of freediving in Brisbane.

    For competition updates see the club Facebook page.

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