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    BIG 5: Online Spearfishing Competition Update

    May 03, 2016 2 min read

    BIG 5: Online Spearfishing Competition Update

    It's been awhile since the last BIG 5 update, we've been busy launching our new website which we hope you all enjoy. We've run the numbers and there's been some substantial movement in the leaderboard. Aaron Puckeridge has taken over the number one spot, with Trevor Ketchion not far behind. Duncan Limpus also made a charge and has moved up into fourth place. Previous leader Jade Dean is still on the pace in third. There's still a lot of time left to add new captures to your tally. The key to success in BIG 5 isn't necessarily the size of your catch, but showing diversity in the species you hunt. Although size does give you more points, you'd be better off hunting a new species rather than trying to upgrade a previous entry. With colder temperatures approaching, we should start seeing some more cold water species hit our FB page as spearos look to move up the BIG 5 leaderboard. Remember you can also enter species not listed in our category breakdown into the most meritorious category, just like Steven Montgomery did with a beautiful 98.9kg black marlin.

    Season Points Tally

    Aaron Puckeridge | 3506.65 Trevor Ketchion | 3165.9 Jade Dean | 2469.35 Duncan Limpus | 2151.875 Josh Stevens | 1670.125 Brett Gamlin | 1504.51 Rhys Drury | 1391.2 Rachel Vercoe | 1258.4 Ben Coy | 1152.75 Branton Brown | 1114.2 Waade Madigan | 1092.5 Dandre Kilian | 848.6 Nathan Watson | 685.2 Chris Barnes | 593.325 Keiren Limpus | 512.7 Trent Bailey | 437.3 Cal Spearo | 381.8 Benn Jillet | 281.25 Emma Kathleen | 238.5 Emma Peterson | 230.75 Matt Duffy | 210.655 Harrison Kelly | 196.5

    Steven Montgomery shot this lovely 98.9kg black marlin and entered it into our most meritorious capture category! This was the second black entered this month.