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    Beuchat Comfort Focea 6 Wetsuit Review

    June 25, 2020 4 min read

    Beuchat Comfort Focea 6 Wetsuit Review

    James from Adreno talks about the new Beuchat Focea Comfort 6 range of wetsuits. This comes in a few different options; women’s 5mm and men’s 5mm and 7mm thicknesses.

    You can watch the read the article below or watch the video about the wetsuit:

    The front of the suit has big preformed long cut panels. Very comfortable and wears well throughout your torso. One really great feature you don't see on many wetsuits these days is the little zip around the neck. One of the issues you'll see and some people do have with a wetsuit is that it constricts around the neck a little bit. It actually has this fantastic little zipper that you can help alleviate some pressure and stress off your neck there when you're wearing it on a boat ride.

    Around the neck is a smooth skin lining. So what this does is with a little bit of moisture and a little bit of water, it actually sticks to your neck as well, a little bit, when you're in the water and it helps create a really fantastic seal whilst you're diving.

    These are also semi-dry wetsuits, you've got your semi-dry seals on the wrists which you also have down on the ankles. Fantastic feature of these guys. Obviously, it makes it nice and easy to put on and off, but having these semi-dry seals, it means you can fold them in. It gives you a great seal and helps prevent that flush of water through the suit.

    The semi-dry seal on this wetsuit is slightly recessed, which means if you're wearing gloves, your glove can fit actually inside that semi-dry seal. Giving you a complete warm seal there. It is smooth skin around the edge there so if you do have a glove with a smooth skin seal, it will stick to that providing you again that nice warm seal.

    There is also a feature you don’t see on many wetsuits. It’s a little bit of neoprene with some Velcro on the back, it's done to suit someone with a wrist computer. You've got these two little holes on either side and the tab of Velcro. The idea of that is you'd slide that under your computer and put it on while you're diving. It's actually going to stop your dive computer from slipping around your wrist, which is a fairly common problem. And I mean, obviously, people can fiddle, it's not a major issue, but just a little cool feature that they've got here on the Beuchat suits.

    This wetsuit also has a clip to hold your hood, a little unique feature they've got.

    Alrighty the back on the suit. You'll see, you've got this nice big stretch panel. So what that does between the leg cut, where your bum goes, and where the zip goes, it creates a nice level of stretch. It gives you a bit more flex through the torso when you're putting it on.

    On the back there is a tab to give yourself a bit of grip to be able to do the wetsuit up yourself, along with this nice easy to use lanyard. Good, nice thick TKK zipper. But you've also got, again, this smooth skin seal that runs along the inside of the zipper, it gives you that great seal. Cause one of the main areas that you have an issue with water coming into a wetsuit is through the zipper on pretty much any wetsuit because the teeth are still going to allow small amounts of air through or water in this case. So having that smooth skin silk gives you that much tighter, firmer seal to stop water from flushing through the wetsuit.

    On the back it is also has lovely fluorescent, grainy, yellow color, nice and high. This is called the fire skin lining. So this is on all the Beuchat Focea suits, the 5 mm and the 7 mm as well and that just helps reflect your body heat against you. So when you're in the water, you've got that little bit of water inside the suit that's keeping you warm, this pressed against your skin, fitting nice and firmly will help reflect your body heat back on you. So again, another additionally great function to give you that extra little bit of warmth there while you're diving.

    What you'll also see as well, which is a little bit different with a lot of the Beuchat suits compared to some other ones is it's actually pre-formed, which is going to make it a little bit more comfortable while you're wearing it. This will also give you a better range of flexibility and motion in your arms and legs. It's one of the benefits of the Alaskan wetsuit material that they've got.

    On the legs of the wetsuit much like the wrists on the wetsuit here, you've got this giant semi-dry seal. So again, really fantastic feature it stops water flushing through the suit. The way to have a semi-dry seal is actually to fold that back on itself. The reason why is because the idea is to stop water flushing in and out of a semi-dry suit. Cause how a wetsuit works is you'll get a small amount of water in the wetsuit, your body will heat that up and that's what's keeping you warm. So, you don't want that water to flush it in and out of the suit. Obviously, for those who pee in their wetsuit, you might want to flush it out at the end of the dive.

    They come in a 5mm and 7 mm wetsuit variation. The difference between the two suits and the is only the 2 mm of thickness. All the other features are the same. You've got your same sort of flexible pre-formed cuffs, you've got your semi-dry seals on the wrist and ankles along with zips, you've got your neck seal along with smooth skin etc. On the ladies suit they've just made it a flashy, nice orange, as opposed to your yellow for the men's wetsuit.