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    Basics Of Spearfishing: Summary

    April 29, 2021 2 min read

    speaker discussing the basics of spearfishing


    Hunting fish has always been a part of human life. From being practised for survival, spearfishing has evolved into one of the most exciting watersports enjoyed by Aussies and many people around the world. While there have been many technological advancements in terms of gear and equipment, understanding the basic skills and techniques in spearfishing is indispensable for any spearo - beginner or veteran alike.

    In summary, spearfishing is such an exhilarating experience for the divers. Throughout this course, you’ve learned a number ofvaluable spearfishing skills to help you become a better spearo, here are some of them:


    When breath holding, the oxygen is being used up and converted into carbon dioxide (CO2). Carbon dioxide is the byproduct of your breathing which gives you the contractions and the urge to breathe. The urge to breathe comes from high carbon dioxide levels, not low oxygen levels. When your body's carbon dioxide concentration is high, your body goes into a different mode. It tries to get as much out of the oxygen as it possibly can. So it does things like the mammalian dive reflex, heart rate reduction, splenic contraction, and peripheral vasoconstriction.

    One of the incorrect systems you must avoid in diving is taking many breaths before you dive (or hyperventilation).Hyperventilation lowers your carbon dioxide level which in turn affects your urge to breathe which can lead to ablackout. How do you observe proper and safe breathing whilst diving? Through constant practice and learning differentbreath holding exercises.

    Spearfishing Techniques

    The first step in becoming a spearo is getting theright spearfishing equipment. Aside from wetsuits, some of the important spearfishing gear you need to have and learn to use includediving fins,weight belts,weight vests, andpole spears, or aspeargun

    As you go out in the water, there are several things you have to know when hunting your target fish. Some keypoints to remember when hunting fish is to stay quiet and hidden, focusing on your target, and avoiding large movements. Learn the differentspearfishing techniques here. 

    No matter how enjoyable spearfishing is, keep in mind that a speargun is still a weapon, and a weapon has the potential to do serious harm. Always be careful when using your speargun. Observe propertspeargun safety practices when hunting. 

    What Makes Spearfishing Worthwhile?

    There are countless reasons! Some people start spearfishing because they want to source their own fresh seafood, or they’re looking for adventure and the thrill of the hunt. Another benefit is exercise. Spearfishing can help you get fit and healthy, improving your quality of life.

    And finally, fun. If it's not fun, why are we doing it, right? So get out there, have fun, get some good fish, take some photos, make some memories - and always observe safety and be responsible for your buddies. 

    If you need additional tips and guidance on how to properly get started with spearfishing, visit theAdreno Spearfishing Blog now! You can also check out our massive range ofspearfishing gear at the lowest prices!