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    Barracuda Attack 2

    July 11, 2011 1 min read

    Barracuda Attack 2

    Yesterday morning i received a phone call from Paul, he had been attacked by a 27kg Barracuda after shooting the fish down at "the spot". The fish had swam in slowly presenting an almost perfect shot, (this fish would have fetched 400 - 500 Solomon dollars in the Gizo market. Paul took the shot and the fish made a solid run, after a short fight the fish rounded up and turned on paul biting him in the chest. The phone call went something like this, (Paul) "Latta, Latta, it is Paul the diving "Mati Egana" man from Simbo." (simon) "Hey paul, how have you been?" (Paul) You know that rock "the spot", well i shot a big Navi "27kg". (simon) Sweet good navi mate. (Paul) yes yes, but it bit my breast off!! (simon) oh shit, are you ok???? (Paul) Yes I leave hospital next week, they stitched me with 32 internal and 14 external stitches"..... I am always told stories of Barracudas attacking though have never actually known anyone who has been bitten. Just have to be careful out there.

    If your looking for a mad jungle style hoilday, but not jungle, jungle. Get to Gizo in the Solomon Islands, when in Gizo you will need a long boat ride to Simbo, (just ask around in the markets) it will coast around 100 sol dollars (give or take but the exchange rate is good) When you reach Simbo ask for Paul the speafisherman from the Seven Day Adventist side., all sweet from there. Make sure to take food supplies from Gizo with you.