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    All the info: Adreno Sydney Kingfish Cup 2022

    November 02, 2022 7 min read

    All the info: Adreno Sydney Kingfish Cup 2022

    The Adreno Sydney Kingfish Cup is the largest spearfishing competition in Australia, drawing in spearos of all ages, genders and skill levels across the country. With over $10,000 in prizes up for grabs in 2022, and a Timberline GT Speargun engraved by the legend Rob Allen himself, we’re expecting a massive turnout for the Adreno Sydney Kingfish Cup and fierce, friendly competition.

    Come along to our information night to meet the legends, grab some free food & refreshments and register/prep your kit Thursday, November 3rd at the Sydney Adreno Megastore: https://fb.me/e/73DFNAHhg

    Yellowtail Kingfish is one of Australia’s premier species when it comes to attracting trophy hunters and overseas spearos. Not only are they an impressive fish but they’re also sustainable to hunt and incredibly delicious. With the Kingfish season in full swing, join your fellow spearos in one of the most exciting spearfishing competitions in Australia.

    The Adreno Sydney Kingfish Cup is held over a 2-day event over the 12-13th of November. The competition is held across Greater Sydney, stretching from Bird Island on the Central Coast to Bass Point in the South and covers 250 kilometres of coastline. Weigh-in Stations are at Adreno Sydney itself, Little Manly in Sydney Harbour, and Terrigal, on the Central Coast. 

    The competition is a great event for new and experienced spearo's and is a fun and healthy competition to get together for a fun weekend of spearfishing where you can catch up or meet new people who all share a passion for adrenaline and the ocean.

    What is the Kingfish Cup?

    The Kingfish Cup is about spearing a kingfish, over one weekend in Sydney’s prime Kingfish season, traditionally from October through November. The Kingfish cup was born out of necessity, a competition built to bring our communities together in a sustainable and ethically focused competition with divers from all around Australia participating. Competition is driven by inclusion, from the most experienced to aspiring greenhorns learning the ropes and piecing it together. This is what spearfishing is all about. Mateship, adventure, respect for the fishery and healthy competition!

    How do I register?

    Registration for the Adreno Sydney Kingfish cup can be either through the Information Night on Novemeber 3rd or through the online link here:https://adrenosydneykingfishcup.com.au/Register

    The Adreno Sydney Kingish Cup is a competition operated the USFA the Underwater Skindivers and Fisherman Association and supported by Adreno. Therefore, you’ll need to become a USFA Member (Weekend membership fee of $15 or annual fee of $99) for the competition and also pay a small registration fee of $15 to compete.

    Benefits of Joining the USFA

    Competition – The clubs of the USFA organise both monthly zone (Alliman & Taylor shields) and state competitions such as the Spearfest, Sydney & Canada Cup, South Coast, Far South Coast, Eden 3-Way championships and the State Titles to name a few. We also have initiated a host of Social based competitions such as the One Up One Down, Kingfish Cup, Selfie Comp, Junior Cup and our Exceptional Capture Awards. These programs cater for those who want a more social level of involvement without entering the traditional competitions mentioned above.

    Insurance – As a member of the USFA you are covered by a sporting injuries insurance policy which covers you in the event of an accident. This policy is the most comprehensive ever for spearfishermen. It does not cover you just in competition and is valid all over the world! This coverage alone is worth joining for! Please visit our Insurance page for specific details and extensive benefits.

    USFA website – Through the website & social media the USFA makes extensive use of the internet to keep members & supporters informed of legislative developments, media releases & general matters of interest as well as upcoming events.

    Youth development & Diving Safety Education – the USFA is committed to diver education programs and the nurturing of our youth to participate in our sport in the safest manner possible.

    Independents – Independent divers are encouraged to join and have a representative to stand for any issues or suggestions they may have.

    In order to participate in the 2022 Adreno Sydney Kingfish Cup you need to be an USFA member and then pay the $15 Kingfish Cup Membership

    Membership Fees and Discounts -If you are not already a USFA member you can get a $99 year membership (which will give you automatic 10% discount at Adreno) or a temporary membership for the weekend of the comp for $15

    To Join the USFA or to register for the Adreno Sydney Kingfish Cup Visit theRegister Page

    Information Night - November 3rd from 5.30 pm onwards

    To kick off the biggest event on Sydney's spearfishing seasonal calendar, we will be hosting a social and information night to bring the community together under one roof on 3rd November. 

    A Q&A panel with kingfish gurus like Dan Jones, Grayson Hinrichs, Marty Kieselbach and Derrick Cruz will share their experiences and knowledge around Sydney Spearfishing with a focus on the Kingfish species. Add on a fish preparation masterclass by @spearochef Jai Gibbons as well as the sensational BBQ skills of the Adreno team. Not to mention some insanely cool prizes that awaits event participants. There’s no reason you’d want to miss this night! RSVP nowhere.


    The Competition - 12th & 13th of November (8am - 4pm)

    Sign On

    All competitors will be required to sign on daily for the event – letting us know you are going to dive on that day. This is both to ensure competitor safety and integrity.

    Once you have registered online for the Kingfish Cup (ensuring you have entered your mobile number and email) you will still need to let us know when you are entering the water, and  approximately where you will be, and how long you expect to be diving for.  This process is the “sign on” 

    You will need to sign onhttps://adrenosydneykingfishcup.com.au/SignOn (the green button) your intent to dive on each of the days that you choose to fish (you may fish either one, or both, of the days of the Kingfish Cup.)  You may dive multiple  locations, just please remember and this is important to “sign off”

    Signing off 

    You need to let us know you are back on land so we do not contact services to go looking for you and to save you from being disqualified!

    https://adrenosydneykingfishcup.com.au/SignOff (The sign off is the red button)if you do not sign off by 1600 – you will be disqualified by the committee, and emergency services called to locate you. Please press the “RED” button to sign off! Log back on to the website to sign on. You can log on and off multiple times a day.

    Weighing in your Kingfish

    Your Kingfish must be weighed-in at one of the nominated non contact weigh-in stations.

    Location 1: Adreno Sydney Store, 678-682 Botany Rd, Alexandria - Opens 10 – 5 pm

    Location 2: Terrigal Boat Ramp - Opens 1 – 5 pm

    Location 3: Little Manly Craig Ave Manly NSW 2095 - Opens 1 – 5 pm

    Other Rules

    This is ethical stuff and it comes down to your own integrity, like it was mentioned above – this is a fun, easy event to be a part of, don’t complicate things with doubt please.

    • You are allowed to enter one kingfish per day over the weekend
    • Float and Alpha flag must be used by the diver
    • Fish landed by the one diver is to be weighed in by that diver only, no one else shall weigh in another diver’s fish for themselves.
    • Do not enter the water before 0800
    • Sign on each day
    • Sign off each day before 1600
    • Sign off each day before 1600
    • Dive only in the permitted areas as per NSW Fisheries regulations.
    • You must comply with all current NSW health orders
    • Any issues that may arise the organisers will revert to the Sydney Zone Spearfishing event rules for guidance.

    Prizes & Scoring System

    Prizes are for Open, Ladies and Junior categories, and, their will be 5 Mystery Weight prizes, and, prizes for attending the presentation evening at Adreno.

    The “OPEN” category means everyone. The Ladies, self-explanatory. Juniors under 18 years of age on the date of each days event.

    Mystery Weight shall be determined by a non-competitor drawing a weight “out of a hat” at the presentation evening. The five closest to the mystery weight shall receive the prizes. The Open category heaviest fish will not be included in the Mystery Weight, nor will the Lucky Door entrant major prize winner.

    This year prize pool will total to over $10,000 in value!

    Kingfish Cup First prize

    Rob Allen GT 1.2 Timberline Rollergun fitted with a reel

    Kingfish Cup Ladies Champion prize

    McComb Spearguns 1100 Laminated timber speargun

    Other Prizes up for grabs!

    • Shark Shield Freedom 7
    • Ocean Guardian eSPEAR
    • 2 Pairs of Penetrator Composite Blades
    • 4 x DiveR fish cooler bags
    • 2 x SharkBanz Zepelin
    • 2 x SharkBanz (black)
    • Collins & Co Apparel packs
    • Suunto D4f Computer
    • Rob Allen Sparid Evo
    • Mannysub Roller Muzzle
    • 3/2mm Adreno Tuna Pro Wetsuit
    • Adreno Voucher ($250.99)
    • Adreno Voucher ($150.99)



    Presentation - 17th November from 5.30 pm onwards

    Wrapping up the event is the presentation night where entrants will gather again at Adreno Sydney Superstore to mingle and talk about the one that got away. Enjoy some free refreshments and see the results of the top catches and potentially take home some epic prizes from our $10,000 prize pool!

    Ultimate Kingfish Guide for Spearos

    If you’re wanting to brush up on your Kingfish knowledge, get some expert tips or check out the gear you’ll need, we’ve got the ultimate Kingfish guide! We’ve even got some epic recipes to try out with your winning catch from spearfishing legend Shrek, from Noob Spearo. Check out the ultimate guidehere.