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    Adreno Dive Weights

    May 13, 2011 2 min read

    Adreno Dive Weights

    We recently had a customer in the shop purchasing a few extra lead weights. He posed to us the very valid question of “why are the Adreno weights more expensive than the other lead weights?” Here at Adreno we have a few varieties of lead weights available and they do vary in price. It is important for you to know why we have put the Adreno lead weights at a higher cost than the generic brands.  Adreno had these special weights designed and manufactured when it came to our attention that other lead weights were lacking in three important areas – safety, practicality and comfort.

    Firstly, when spearfishing your safety in the water is the number one priority. We found that the generic weights would allow ropes and mono line to wrap around them as they stick out from your body, leaving ample space for unwanted tangles! There’s nothing worse than wasting precious time in the water constantly adjusting your weights and weight belt when your float line becomes caught in it and you have temporarily lost the ability to freely maneuver your speargun through the water because of it – possibly losing a shot at a prized fish! The Adreno weights were designed so that they are completely streamlined to your body, so wearing them means less time getting out of tight situations and more time hunting fish!

    Secondly, every piece of spearfishing equipment that we jump into the water with needs to perform to the highest standard at all times, or it is simply impractical having it! There are enough things to concentrate on when you are lining up on that all important fish already, such as: have I got my safety switched off? Is my gun rigged correctly to take this shot? Are there any knots in my float line? Am I aiming correctly? – You don’t want to also have to worry about whether your float line is tangled in your weights! It’s just one too many things to check, and by the time you’re done you have probably missed your perfect shot. We have heard too many stories of people losing good fish after taking the shot only to have their float line pull tight, caught around their weights, and have the spear ripped from the fish. The streamlined effect of Adreno weights solves this problem – wearing them will mean one less thing you will have to worry about in the water.

    Thirdly, when you are freediving comfort is a major factor. Big, bulky, uncomfortable weights that are constantly moving around on your weight belt will not give you the comfort you need to perform well in this sport. The Adreno lead weights are smaller and more compact than generic weights, and have added grips in them to ensure that wherever you put them on your weight belt they stay!

    The small additional cost of the Adreno lead weights will make all the difference to your next spearfishing trip. Don’t wait till you lose that fantastic fish, or have a safety scare from being tangled in ropes, to find out – buy your Adreno weights today!