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    A song to share: The tank bangers – Our blue

    January 13, 2012 1 min read

    “We are the fastest growing, most enthusiastic and darn right dangerous group of oceanic conservationists currently not in an asylum.” This is the way the Tank Banger introduce themselves to the world. This new group of divers uses social media to "Promote, Inspire and Educate a better knowledge and understanding of our oceans to encourage more cooperation and unity between divers, ocean lovers and other marine focused conservation groups to really get the increasingly desperate cry of our oceans heard.”

    Disturbing Did you know, for example, that 300,000 small whales and dolphins die each year trapped in fishing nets? The tank banger are here to remind us… Their first project "Our Blue" is an incredible achievement and an impressive underwater video clip with a song for us all to share. The video shows both the beauty and fragility of the ocean and warns us how we are abusing her. Beware: This film contains some graphic images that ALL viewers SHOULD find disturbing.

    They’ve even translated the song in a variety of languages and uploaded all versions onto YouTube, so the whole world can know about this. Help spread their message by reposting this or/and by buying this album.

    Interested to join? For more information visit the website of the Tank Bangers