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    55th Australian Pacific Coast Spearfishing Championships

    July 29, 2014 1 min read

    55th Australian Pacific Coast Spearfishing Championships

    Blog from Newcastle Neptunes about the recent Australian Pacific Coast Spearfishing Championships.

    After 2 postponements the competition was held on Saturday 24th May with visibility ranging from 5 to 15 metres and a metre of easterly swell at Port Stephens.

     Thanks to Adreno for their great sponsorship of the event with 77 divers receiving an Adreno cap, stickers and lanyard during the 3 attempts to run it, as well as other great gifts. The Beuchat reversible wetsuit voucher donated by Adreno was awarded to Ben Bayfield (San Souci Dolphins) for the largest fish, a 15.45kg kingfish.


    Ben Bayfield with largest fish at APCC.


    Ben Bayfield Bluewater Shootout Big Fish winner with Adreno donated Beuchat Wetsuit voucher.

    Hayden Montgomery (Central Coast Sea Lions) won the Subjunior title and came 11th overall, a pretty amazing effort Hayden. Adreno Junior Diver Josh Green of Newcastle Neptunes (NN) was runner up in the Juniors to Neptune 2013 Junior champion Jacob Elias fishing his last APCC as a Junior.


    ADRENO Junior diver Josh Green won the Mark Searle Memorial Trophy for larges fish shot by a junior at the APCC, and he also came 13th overall and 2nd in Juniors.

    Two time Australian Womens Champion Taylah Martindale (NN) was first in the Womens event and Steevee Gillett (NN) second. Congratulations to Ian Puckeridge (Sans Souci Dolphins) Open Champion for 2014.


    Junior champion, Jacob Elias, and Ladies Champion Taylah Martindale

    Thanks Kahlee and Adreno for all of your help and great prizes.