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    Mulloway / Jew fish

    February 16, 2011 1 min read

    Mulloway / Jew fish are without a doubt one of, if not the most sort after fish by speros on the nsw east coast of Australia. Secrecy surrounds these fish from the locations they are caught to the time of day and depths of water that they are found. Without doubt my favourite fish to chase and land.

    The Mulloway can be recognised by its silvery to bronze-green colouration, moderately elongated body, caudal fin shape and the series of pearly white spots along the lateral line. The caudal fin varies from pointed in juveniles to concave dorsally in adults. Size range, It grows to 2 m in length.

    Distribution In Australia the species is recorded from southern Queensland around the south of the continent and up to the central coast of Western Australia. Name Category Record Type Diver Name Location Date Weight Argyrosomus hololepidotus

    Spearfishing Records

    Mulloway Open National (Argyrosomus hololepidotus)

    G. KELLY Swansea Heads  01-03-1976  39.235 kg

    Mulloway Ladies National N. SPICER Swansea 18-02-1998 23.000 kg

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