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    2016 Bluewater Freedivers Pelagic Pairs - Results & Story

    March 21, 2016 2 min read

    2016 Bluewater Freedivers Pelagic Pairs - Results & Story

    The 2016 Bluewater Freedivers Pelagic Pairs competition was particularly challenging with unfavourable weather conditions on the day. However, the competitive spirit of everyone in attendance, along with the allure of some great prizes courtesy of Adreno made sure the 26 competing were in high spirits.

    Most divers chose to dive in the metro region,  some trekked all the way to Dongara and battled 2.5-3m swells, while others ventured offshore to the FADs in slightly better visability.

    The day started with some fairly choppy conditions, a 15knot wind combined with 2m swells made those who chose a long trip wish they'd stayed closer to home. The conditions were predicted to worsen throughout the day but luckily the meteorologists got it wrong and the weather held back until the late afternoon. It was a challenge with most divers faced with poor visibility ranging from 2-3m to 8-10m at the best of times. Those who travelled to the FADs off-shore were granted with the best visibility of all.

    The challenging conditions meant a few divers  weren’t able to get onto pelagic species large enough to meet the competition minimum weights.  Those that managed to find the FADs in the rough offshore conditions had no problem cleaning up on dolphin fish but missed their chances at other targets.

    Despite the challenging conditions, there was still a great mix of fish brought to the scales, including a magnificent 29.5kg Spanish mackerel shot by Jordan which awarded him 1st place along with most meritorious capture.


    Barry and Jordan with their Adreno vouchers and Adreno Gundom gun Bags


    4th place – Vin Rushworth and Rob Ernst


    Although most divers in the club shoot Mackerel on a regular occasion not too many divers get the opportunity at such a large specimen. It’s something that most spearos dream about but take years to achieve. So it was an easy decision to award Jordan the most meritorious fish prize which included an Adreno voucher and new Adreno 3mm Invisi-Skin wetsuit.


    Ben with his Adreno vouchers and Adreno Mask and Snorkel


    Andrew Buzzacott took home the door prize of an Adreno hat, stubby cooler, hoodie and t-shirt

    The competitors cleaned up with some great Adreno prizes, and we were very proud to support such a great club and a fantastic competition.