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    2013 Canada Cup - NSW Spearfishing Competition

    February 02, 2013 1 min read

    The Canada Cup is Australia’s longest standing spearfishing competition. With origins dating back to 1952, this years Canada Cup marks the 61st year of the competition! The Canada Cup spearfishing competition attracts competitors of all levels from as far as NZ, and notable divers including eight-time Australian spearfishing champion Ian Puckeridge, to compete for the top places. But competitive spearfishing isn’t just about the competition, it also offers a great opportunity to improve spearfishing skills, meet new divers, and have a great social gathering.

    2013 Canada Cup

    When:Sunday 10th February 2013

    Where: Terrigal Haven. Sign-on 7am. Meet at top of Terrigal Haven Car park area.

    Time: Competition will run from 8am till 2:30pm.

    Extras: BBQ at weighin

    Presentation: will follow weigh in at approx 4pm.

    Cost: Seniors $50. Juniors $30.

    Accommodation: can be obtained by looking at www.visitcentralcoast.com.

    Prize Categories:

    • The top ten places.
    • Two top places in Sub-junior, Junior, Lady, Intermediate, Senior, Veteran and Master Categories.
    • First two places in the nominated pairs.
    • Most Meritorious Fish Open.
    • Most Meritorious Fish Junior (includes Sub-junior and Lady).
    • Heaviest Fish Open.
    • Heaviest Fish Junior (includes Sub-junior and Lady).
    • Most Species.
    • Heaviest morwong, bream, drummer and luderick.
    • Rock Hop
    Competition score sheet will be based on Sydney Metro zone score sheet
    • Minimum weight on all fish will be 500 grams.
    • Eligible species will include all species on Sydney metro score sheet with the following exceptions