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    '1770 Classic' Spearfishing Competition

    June 25, 2013 3 min read

    '1770 Classic' Spearfishing Competition

    Adreno has proudly sponsored the 1770 Classic over the past few years with prizes such as a Beuchat Dive Computer, a Beuchat Marlin Carbon Elite speargun, and a Beuchat Wetsuit. We are once again happy to sponsor the 2013 spearfishing competition as it is a competition that attracts a number of divers from up and down the East Coast and also promotes sustainability. John Falls, Vice President of CCSC who hosts the competition, shares some information below for all who want to get involved.

    World renowned spearo and seven time Australian Spearfishing Champion Rob Torelli was runner up for the 2012 Classic with this great catch of carefully selected species.

    For the last six years in late June early July a large group of mostly like-minded spearfishermen and women have gathered in the small coastal town of 1770 in Central Queensland for the 1770 Classic.

    The Classic was started back in 2009 by the Organising committee of the Curtis coast Spearfishing Club. For the first two years it was held as an in house competition, but in 2011 the competition was opened up to all A.U.F. registered divers with an overwhelming response of 43 competitors. Since then the competition has grown each year and this year’s competition has already attracted interest from around 70 divers.

    It is a fun competition enjoyed by all.

    The location for the Classic (1770) is one of the most picturesque, laid back coastal town you are likely to find anywhere on the Queensland coast, with impressive headlands and sheltered bays 1770 is a must see destination for both Aussies and overseas travellers alike. Also 1770 is in very close proximity to the southern end of the Great Barrier Reef (1 hour by boat) and has access to a vast network of coastal inlets and reefs.

    The Competition for the 1770 Classic is not unique however it is a different scoring system to most of the other spearfishing competitions around Australia. The system simply sets a species list and a target weight for each species. Divers are allowed to weigh in three fish each (from the species list) and points are awarded as a percentage of the target weight.

    There are fantastic prizes from a range of sponsors. This year the prize pool well exceeds $5000.

    This year’s event will for the first time incorporate a set of inaugural trophies for each of the 11 categories. For the First time this year we will also be holding a women’s category separate to the opens category which is already looking like a hot competition.

    This year there will be ladies categories in addition to Seniors and Juniors. It is looking like there will be at least a few ladies competitors this year including Michelle Botes, who last year speared this record Spanish Mackerel.

    The categories for this year’s event are as follows:

    • Men’s Overall
    • Women’s Overall
    • Junior Overall
    • Men’s Highest scoring Reef Fish
    • Women’s Highest scoring Reef Fish
    • Junior Highest Scoring Reef Fish
    • Men’s Highest Scoring Pelagic
    • Women’s Highest Scoring Pelagic
    • Juniors Highest Scoring Pelagic
    • Weigh master’s Choice (meritorious)
    • Logo Hunter (a CCSC tradition for the biggest Black Spot tuskie)
    Over the last couple of years we have been lucky enough to have many great divers come and compete including quite a few former and current state and national champions. Each year as the Experience levels grow we have seen a great increase in the quality and quantity of fish weighed in and we have seen some awesome improvements in a lot of the younger divers.


    The 2012 Classic winner, 19 year old Dandre Killian with a fantastic catch of fish.

    I think it goes without saying that a competition like this is not possible without a huge amount of time and effort and definitely would not be the same without a range of great sponsors. For any info on our sponsors for this event please visit the Facebook page and have a look. Also if you are thinking of attending get in touch with us or your local AUF club and we will make sure we get the info out to you.