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    Spearfishing Aiming Technique

    January 06, 2021 2 min read


    In spearfishing, your mind has to focus on a number of thingsbreath holding, staying quiet and low,avoiding hyperventilation, andsetting up a shot. If you're a beginner spearo, aiming at your target and getting the right shot can be quite a challenge. However, constant practice can help you become better at aiming until it becomes more like muscle memory to you. You can start by doing the following exercises:

    1. Duck dive and get to the bottom of the water.
    2. Once you're at the bottom, get your hand that's not on the gun and hold the reef. Make sure that you have a nice firm grip on your gun handle.
    3. When you're shooting, make sure your elbows are locked and not bent whatsoever. Keep it nice and straight so that there is no movement. So if there is any recoil through your gun, it's going to feel more like a nudge in the shoulder rather than actually bending the elbow.
    4. The next thing you want to do is extend the gun. A nice and easy way to do that is also to pull on the reef with your left hand. This will make you pull your left shoulder behind the whole spear, extend and shoot. If you take a shot like this, you're not going to have all the weight behind the gun, so there is going to be a little bit more recoil, which will affect your spear once it leaves the gun.
    5. Once you extend and have your whole body now behind your gun, typically you've got a lot more mass and surface area behind the kinetic energy that's being pushed into your shoulder. This means there's going to be less movement in the gun, therefore less movement affecting your spear.

    Following the steps above will give you a much more accurate shot. It's always easy just to go out with a foam target. The more you practice on it, the more it becomes muscle memory, the more that it'll come naturally to you once you're out in the water.

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