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    How To Duck Dive Properly?

    January 04, 2021 2 min read


    The duck dive technique is used by spearfishers to gain suitable depth when beginning their dive. Here’s how to duck dive properly:

    1. Equalising is important because if you're feeling pressure in your head halfway through your duck dive, it's going to start your dive off badly. So pre-equalise on the surface.
    2. From there, extend your hands out, aiming them down towards the bottom of the reef, pulling your chin down. Then bring your hips towards your shoulders, like a half crunch, which will force you to then turn over on yourself. Then lift your right or left leg, (whichever feels natural), which will then send most of your momentum down.
    3. Now, once you've got your hips below the surface, do one big pull. Slide your right hand up to start equalizing throughout the whole dive, and keep that locked in there.
    4. Lock that elbow to your nipple to stay nice and streamlined and hold on to your nose. Now, once you feel that your fins are below the surface of the water, that's when you really want to start kicking. If you start kicking before your fins get out into the water, you'll see water splashing on the surface, which is obviously an inefficient way of performing duck dive.
    5. Once you have your fins below the water, take four to five really nice, strong, straight-legged kicks, and try to be as efficient as you possibly can in that top 10 meters.

    A good duck dive should get you anywhere between 3 to 6 meters, some people can, with their duck dive, get to 8 to 10 meters. So it really is something that you want to focus on and practice. One of the easiest ways to get feedback and learn these techniques is through a freediving course, so head on over toAdreno Spearfishing website to check it out.

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