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    Rubber vs Pneumatic Spearguns

    April 07, 2011 2 min read

    We are often queried about the differences, advantages, and disadvantages of rubber powered spearguns compared to pneumatic spearguns. So Adreno has compiled a table of pros and cons for each to assist you in makingyour purchase.



    Rubber Powered Speagun


    - You can vary the strength of the rubber and power of gun in so many more ways

    - Easier to load a rubber gun once you know the technique – especially a gun longer than 90cm

    - Accuracy and range of the rubber powered speargun is far better – especially a gun longer than 90cm

    - The speargun maintains its power at all depths


    -The rubbers will only last 6-12 months due to them perishing from moisture, UV rays etc.

    -Will need to be replaced regularly

    -Rubber powered spearguns are not as stream lined as the pneumatic speargun


    Pneumatic Speargun


    - Great for using in caves and coral overhangs as there are no rubbers which may be cut on sharp coral and rocks

    - Popular with scuba divers, in territories where spearfishing on scuba is legal, as they are small and compact


    - Simply pump to specified pressure and the gas, concealed in a chamber, allows for multiple reloads

    - Great for spearing crayfish (where this is legal). Especially with compressed air guns that have adjustable power settings to prevent spears being jamme of damaged in caves

    - Range in size from 30cm to 110cm, with the most popular sizes being 30-70cm

    - More powerful than rubber powered speargun in shallow water (less than 5m).


    - Pneumatic spearguns lose their power at depth

    - Pneumatic spearguns can be difficult to load, especially sizes larger than 70cm. Spearguns larger than 90cm can be very difficult to load

    - Pneumatic spearguns will need servicing about every two years depending on frequency of use and how well they have been cleaned and maintained

    - Not all dive shops are able to service and repair pneumatic spearguns and some will need to be sent away to specialists for repairs

    - Availability of different spear shafts is limited