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    Pelagic Pairs Spearfishing Competition Results

    March 31, 2014 2 min read

    The Pelagic Pairs comp was once again successfully held by the BFWA club and we were proud to sponsor the event. We love the emphasis on selective hunting and safe diving in pairs. Here's the report from the club, with captions from us! Keep it up!

    The 2014 Bluewater Freedivers WA pelagic pairs comp was once again a success with a number of divers landing big samson fish, yellowtail kingfish and spanish mackerel.  The offer of Adreno prizes to be won brought many divers out for the comp with a great turn out considering the unpredictable weather.

    Divers who chose to dive off Perth were greeted with great visibility to around 20m in some areas but had to contend with strong winds.  Majority of competitors headed north of Perth where the weather turned out to be fantastic conditions but with not so good visibility.

    Minimum fish weight was an issue with many divers struggling to find fish that would meet the competition minimum weight requirement for each species.

    Results: 1st Vin Rushworthy & Phil Gee (796 points) Samson fish, yellowtail kingfish, Spanish mackerel, shark mackerel, tailor, skippy

    1st place competitors Vin and Phil with their catch. Hats look great guys!

    2nd Barry Paxman & Lee Paxman (397 points) - (Below pics of Barry aren't from the comp, we just wanted to show how great of a diver he is! - Adreno)

    Barry Paxman is one of Australia's pioneer spearfishermen, consistently landing fish we can only dream of! Cracking Wahoo, Barry!

    What a Dhu!

    Just last week, Barry had a close call with a 5m+ Great White Shark that came up at him from the bottom and made several rushes at him and his dive buddy.

    3rd Matt Chave & Clint Strickland (244 points)

    A big thank you goes out to Adreno for sponsoring the competition and providing well received Adreno hats and prizes for the competitors!