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    Spearfishing Tips

    Everyone wants to know how to become a better spearfisher and this page of spearfishing tips will help you quickly improve and become a better underwater hunter.

    Here are the spearfishing tips:

    Don’t get weighed down with unnecessary gear

    It’s important to be able to move freely and easily whilst spearfishing and a good spearfishing tip is to make sure you only take out the gear you need. Also make sure the spearfishing equipment you are using is made for spearfishing, as it will be lighter and improve your performance. Investing in a good set of spearfishing equipment will enable you to quickly progress from beginner to intermediate level.

    Maintain good health

    Spearfishing, like other sports, can be hard and tiring on the body so a great spearfishing tip is to make sure you maintain a high level of fitness and health to ensure you can perform safely and at a high standard whilst spearfishing. As spearfishers are usually big into the water, swimming is a great way to improve your fitness and inturn improve your spearfishing skills.

    Wear a weight belt

    The first spearfishing tip was to avoid unnecessary weight, however a weight belt is a very important and necessary piece of spearfishing equipment. Whilst spearfishing you are constantly fighting against buoyancy to stay underwater. A great spearfishing tip is to attach a weight belt to your waist to help you conserve energy as you won’t have to fight the buoyancy as much.

    However, always remember a spearfisher should be positively buoyant as far down as 10m so, in the case of a blackout, the spearfisher does not sink. A good guide for whether you have the appropriate weight on yourweight belt is to get in the water and hold your breath while in a vertical position. The water level should not go more than half way up you mask and you should not be sinking. As you slowly let your breath out, you should sink very slowly.

    Carry a knife

    A keen sperfisher should never leave home without an underwater knife. A spearfisher without a dive knife is like a gun without bullets. When spearfishing you definitely need to take a dive knife as it is used to kill the fish once it has been speared, making it a vital piece of the spearfishing equipment. Additionally, it is unsafe to dive without a dive knife as unexpected tangles may be fatal if you are unable to escape swiftly. This spearfishing tip could become a lifesaver so ignore it at your peril.

    Speargun Tips

    The following spearfishing tips and techniques are for getting the most out of your speargun and to avoid any accidents. Never use your speargun unless underwater and in no circumstances aim your gun at your dive partner. Also make sure to keep in mind how far the shot will travel and never aim at your dive partner.

    Another important spearfishing tip is to keep your speargun in great shape by treating it to regular maintenance. Be sure to change dynema and rubbers when required to avoid misfires, and change monoline when it begins to fray to avoid it snapping when you shoot that big fish! Always thoroughly wash your speargun with clean water and then dry your speargun when you’ve finished and store the speargun in a cool and dry place out of the sun.