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    Rigging a Speargun Reel

    August 04, 2016 3 min read

    Rigging a Speargun Reel

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    Rigging a speargun reel can be tricky business for spearos of any ability. So we’ve assembled a how-to- guide to help you spend less time prepping and more time in the water spearfishing.

    What you'll need:

    • Scissors
    • Snap clip
    • D-shackle
    • Lighter
    • Reel line
    • Reel
    1.) Mount the Reel to the Gun

    If your reel is built for the gun simply slot it in and tighten it. However, don't fret if this isn't the case for you, because most reels also come with an adapter to help you fit them to different brands.

    2.) Mount the Line to the Reel

    • Take your spool of line reel and find the cut end.
    • Pass the cut end of the line through the small hole in the base of the reel.
    • Tie a stopper knot (make two overhand loops and pass the end through). Any kind of stopper knot will work but just make sure you pull it tight. A stopper knot will stop the line passing through the hole.
    • Trim the end.
    3.) Wind the Line On
    • Once the line is secured to the reel, you need to wind the line on.
    • This can be a bit fiddly so it's a good idea to get a mate to help you out.
    • To do this you want to apply a nice even amount of pressure and work your way up and down the spool to keep an even spread.
    4.) Fasten the Line to the D-Shackle
    • Mount a D-shackle to the muzzle of your speargun. This will act as your line guide.
    • The D-shackle you'll use will depend on the brand of speargun and the muzzle you've got.
    • Take the reel line and run it up through the D-shackle.
    • Take the snap clip and attach it to the reel line with a simple overhand knot.
    • The knot should be able to slide back and forth allowing you to adjust the length.
    • Once you have the right length tie it off.
    • To tie it off you'll want to use a slightly different stopper knot that you can watch Sam from Adreno tying here.
    • Once you've successfully tied both knots, slide them together. This combination of knots means the more fish you land ie weight placed on the end of the line, the tighter it will get.
    • Trim the ends and melt with a lighter.
    5.) Attach the Shaft and Shooting Line
    • Go ahead and insert a spear into the muzzle.
    • You won't need to change the rigging on your existing spears because the reel on the shooting line is adjustable.
    • Pull the spear rigging down past the side of the reel to get to the line release and then pull it back up towards the muzzle.
    • Open the snap clip at the muzzle and attach the shooting line.
    • Take up the tension/slack on the reel, by winding it.
    There you have it. You can now set up a reel on a spear gun. To double check any of those knots or be further guided watch the video and let Sam show you how. Shop online at Australasia’s biggest dive store or come visit our Brisbane, Sydney or Melbourne stores.