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    One For The 'Missus'

    July 26, 2012 1 min read

    One For The 'Missus'

    The Riffe camo bikini range is now available at Adreno and we think the girls will love wearing them just as much as the guys will love seeing them!

    Riffe must know how much Spearos like camo.... because they've brought out a range of bikinis for spearos to buy for their lovely ladies, or for keen spearas to wear under their wetsuits.

    Adreno stocks the Bikini range in the two major Riffe camo colours - Cryptic green and blue. Sold  separately as tops and bottoms to ensure a perfect fit, you can purchase the Riffe bikini top and bottoms for under $50.00.

    This Riffe Cryptic green bikini features the signature Riffe Cryptic camo in green. The bottoms are solid charcoal with a cryptic green camo belt and the top is a halter-style with string ties. The 100% lycra bikini bottoms provide medium coverage.

    The more functional Bella Blue Camo bikini is suitable for even the most challenging of situations - including shooting fish!! With its thick haulter-style straps for the top, and medium coverage string tie bottoms, this beautiful piece combines fashion and functionality. The picture says it all - a gorgeous, 100% lycra blue camo bikini that is a must-have for your lady or spearfishing girlfriend.

    These bikinis are a LIMITED EDITION in Adreno so place your order now :)