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    How to Rig A Double Wrap On Your Speargun

    February 23, 2024 2 min read

    How to Rig A Double Wrap On Your Speargun

    Adreno's Sam Cox has shared a valuable tutorial on how to rig a double wrap on your speargun to extend your shooting range. However, before you jump into this modification, you should first check whether your speargun has the power to benefit from this upgrade. In this blog, we'll break down the process of rigging a double wrap so you can do it yourself!

    Assessing the Need for a Double Wrap

    Before you dive into rigging a double wrap on your speargun, first evaluate whether this modification is suitable for your gun. The effectiveness of a double wrap is directly tied to the shooting power of your speargun. Adding a double wrap of mono-line to a speargun that lacks the necessary power won't have much impact. On the other hand, if you have a very powerful speargun, a double wrap can provide that extra range you need for more successful hunts.

    Materials You'll Need

    To rig a double wrap on your speargun, you'll require a few essential materials:

    1. Crimp: These are small metal sleeves used to secure the mono-line in place.
    2. Mono-line: High-quality monofilament line that is strong and durable.
    3. Lighter: For melting the mono-line to create a backup point.
    4. Crimping pliers: Essential for securing the crimps in place.
    5. Scissors: To trim any excess mono-line.

    Rigging the Double Wrap

    Follow these steps to rig a double wrap on your speargun:

    1. Position the Spear: Start by putting the spear into the gun as a reference point for measuring your crimping points.

    2. Prepare the Mono-line: Slide a crimp onto the mono-line, ensuring that it's not too close to the neck, as this can cause the shaft to jam.

    3. Create a Backup Point: Next, burn a bulge in the mono-line next to your crimp. This will serve as a backup point in case the crimp fails.

    4. Secure the Crimps: Clamp your crimp at each end and the center of the mono-line to ensure it stays in place.

    5. Thread the Mono-line: Feed the mono-line underneath the rubbers and through the muzzle. Then, bring it back down the muzzle line guide and around the line release. Continue by guiding it back up to the muzzle of the gun and back to the line release.

    6. Complete the Loop: Finally, run the line back to the snap clip at the muzzle. At this point, add your final crimp. Make sure the length is right before making this final crimp, and then trim any excess mono-line.

    Have more questions or need help with the process? Pop into your local Adreno store and we'll give you a hand.